The Power of 1 Good Question

Modern Day Kuan Yin copyright Roslyn McGrath, 2004

Modern Day Kuan Yin
copyright Roslyn McGrath, 2004

10 years ago, when sharing my difficulty with getting painting again, I expressed my frustration over the poor quality and high price of locally available canvases to friend Ann D. Russ during a life coaching session.

I really wasn’t completely thrilled with painting on canvas to begin with. And I’d often admired the lustre of art that had been painted on wood.

Holding a space for my finding a resolution, Ann asked where I might obtain a surface I’d like to paint on.

The light bulb turned on. Our kitchen was being renovated and the old kitchen cabinet doors were left unused, painted wooden cabinet doors.

I didn’t even sand the slick surface of that first door; I just began painting thin glazes of acrylic paint, allowing the hazy sense I had of one of my favorite goddesses, Kuan Yin, Goddess of Compassion,to come through.

10 years and 30 Goddess paintings later, Goddess Heart Rising is born, complete with not only 15 of the paintings, many of which are painted on re-purposed wooden surfaces, but also with poems, messages and reflection questions.

Reflection questions – where would I be without that potent one from Ann, as well as the many since that have kept me moving along?

Some reflection questions from Modern Day Kuan Yin’s section of Goddess Heart Rising are:

  • How supported do I feel in my life?
  • How well do I support the things and people that are important to me?
  • Are there ways I would like to call forth more support for myself and/or from myself?

Much gratitude to you, Ann Russ for that impactful question, and to the many others whose input has supported me and this project.

May we all continue to grow our appreciation of our impact on one another, and our many positive possibilities.


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