Aphrodite: (1st) Goddess of the Week

"Aphrodite Emerges," copyright Roslyn McGrath, 2013

“Aphrodite Emerges,” copyright 2013, Roslyn McGrath

Welcome to the first Goddess of the Week post!

As we move into the beautiful warmth of this season, Aphrodite calls to us to fully appreciate the physical world, including our own physical nature.

Below is a meditation she shares with us in Goddess Heart Rising. I hope you will take the time to breathe it in, absorb it fully, and share its impact on you with the rest of us by commenting below.

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Meditation from Aphrodite Emerges

Sink into my warm waters,
slipping silken around your body
as they gently lap away constriction, resistance.

All your pores open to release
even the slightest pain, suffering and dis-ease.
All your joints relax into this fluid world.

All your sorrows, hurts, resentments,
are drawn out, let go.

Your spine reclines on this living,
breathing pillow that reflects the light.

Your limbs spread out, buoyed and caressed.

Your chest rises and falls in rhythm with the waves,

your heart fills with peace,
beating in harmony with the larger tide.

Your neck and head bob lightly along,
following the lead of your body’s breath.


Any restriction of your full erotic, sensual power is washed away.

You are in my world, where physical spiritual love abounds.

Polluted thoughts and beliefs about sexuality and relationships
are cleansed by this beautifully buoyant water,

and any reluctance to cherish your body’s poetry
is redirected to re-establish awe
at its capacity to give and receive love
at every level, and in every way.


The waters clear your senses,
so you can marvel at your own physical beauty,
exactly as is,

communicating your full beauty
through the scent of your skin,

the curve of your limbs,

the weight of your hand,

the timbre of your voice,

the texture of your hair,

the glint of your eyes.


The waters clear your senses
so you can marvel at the physical beauty
of others and all the world,
exactly as is,

their full beauty through symphonies
of color, sound, light,
weight, texture, size,
shape, taste, and aroma.

You are a sensory, sensual being,
here to see, hear, taste,
touch, smell and know
all of the beauty within and without.


Take hold of the clam shell beneath you.

Listen to its call of the water.

Bask in the gift of physical life and connection.

Know you are a gorgeous part of the radiance of All That Is,

as you float toward the shore,

curl your feet in the sand

and sally forth into the sun-warmed air,

light dancing on the drops
that cling to your newborn skin,

light dancing in your heart
that sings the glory of you and the Universe,

light dancing in the world
that celebrates your being,

as you embrace the earthly joys
of love and loving on Earth.


Reprinted with permission from Goddess Heart Rising: Paintings, Poems & Meditations for Activating Your Divine Potential, copyright 2014 by Roslyn McGrath.

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