Araena/Wind Woman: Goddess of the Week

Araena/Wind Woman, copyright 2013, Roslyn McGrath

“Araena” is the name that was spelled out in my mind when I wondered what to call this Goddess.

Here is her message:

I am Araena,
Goddess of Wind.
swift, pure, eternal.
I sweep up.
I sweep out.
I clear the space
of which I am a part.
I see the storms
and caresses of Life
and tend them with my wave.

I am weightless force,
altering all I contact
with my whish-full ways.
I contribute mightily
to the healing of all,
uncovering, recovering, discovering,
what lies in wait.

Play pipes to my tune
and you will find
adventure unending.

Reprinted with permission from Goddess Heart Rising: Paintings, Poems & Meditations for Activating Your Divine Potential, copyright 2014 by Roslyn McGrath

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