Going Public

Publishing my two books, Goddess Heart Rising and The Third Mary, is changing my life.

To bring some of the fruits of a 10-year process with Goddess energies, as well as the phenomenal messages I began receiving from Mary Magdalene’s mother last year, into fully-realized books is both deeply satisfying and an energizing catalyst.

After years of resisting social media, I pushed myself to get up to speed with both blogging and Facebook in a matter of days.

And, I’m thoroughly enjoying it!

Publishing the books has also prompted me to be more publicly visible than before, which is not always comfortable, but it is a good stretch.

Tomorrow evening will be the first time I get to speak to a group in person about what Goddess Heart Rising and The Third Mary have to offer.

As a teacher, workshop facilitator, channel, and occasional public speaker, I love the opportunity for inspiration to speak through me, and to connect with people in this way.

And I’m also a nervous/excited to communicate clearly about the books in a way that’s engaging and enhances people’s lives.

Yet I know that speaking to people’s souls, calling them forward on their own journeys, is really what I’m called to do, and that the books provide a really rich opportunity for me to do that.

So your positive vibes toward  tomorrow’s event is greatly appreciated! And if you’re in the Marquette area and can join me, even better!

Please feel free to comment below on changes going on in your life, and/or on what I’ve shared here.

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2 thoughts on “Going Public

  1. Beautiful, Roslyn! I’m so looking forward to what you have to share tomorrow and am thoroughly enjoying you being active on social media as well! 🙂 Many positive vibes coming…

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