Phenomenal Gathering

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat an incredible kick-off to sharing my books!

I had no idea of the powerful healing that would be unleashed by bringing together a sincerely present, caring group of people with the energies of Goddess Heart Rising and The Third Mary.

To witness the self-revelations and giving and receiving of healing between participants, right from the get-go, was truly profound, far exceeding any conscious expectations I’d had for a simple format for sharing my books.

It’s opened up a whole new set of possibilities for what I might facilitate with groups in combination with these books.

The women who showed up were phenomenal in their openness, authenticity and nourishment of one another.

And to have my husband there, present at that same exceptional level of witnessing, sharing and supporting, was a gift beyond words.

I am profoundly grateful to all who participated, held space for this from afar, and helped make it happen.

A special component in this is the foundation laid by Martha Parks, owner of Panara Imports, whose lifelong endeavors to support women’s empowerment now takes the form of featuring products created by and supporting women across the globe.

Thank you, Martha, for inviting me to lead off your Summer Events series, and providing such a perfect setting for this experience.

I will always treasure the gifts that were shared last night, and vow to continue to support the healing process unveiled through Goddess Heart Rising and The Third Mary.

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2 thoughts on “Phenomenal Gathering

  1. I feel so blessed to have been a part of this gathering, and as the weekend’s gone on I actually feel some much bigger shifts in my awareness of Goddess energies changing my own life – WOW! I can’t wait to see how this work blossoms; the world so needs the gifts you have to share.

  2. Reblogged this on Reclaiming Love and commented:
    A post from a spiritual gathering I was fortunate enough to participate in last week. I cannot encourage you enough to visit Roslyn McGrath’s website for her book of channeled Goddess archetypes and messages for awakening the Divine Feminine potential within us all!

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