Contemplating Kali’s Questions

Kali's Contemplation, copyright Roslyn McGrath

Kali’s Contemplation, copyright Roslyn McGrath

At our phenomenal gathering at Panara Imports last week, where everyone opened to a page of Goddess Heart Rising and shared the personal significance of what they found there, I opened to the Reflection Questions related to Kali, questions I’ve been reflecting upon since.

There are some deep, emotional patterns I’ve experienced that just don’t feel good.

They aren’t even fully substantiated by my experiences in this life.

And it’s time for them to go.

So, borrowing from some of the process shared in last Monday’s Manifesting Mastery conference call from Soul Support Systems, facilitated by Joy Regina Melchezidek,

and drawing from my experiences in Dowsing for Health, Happiness & Harmony as well as Past Life Regression,

I called in the clearing necessary from my Central Self to manifest a shining, light heart, in resonance with the One Heart within which all exists.

I feel the shift in my energetic template, and know there will be a series of “downloads” as I continue to complete the process.

And I’m feeling good, knowing this is in process, and that much has been cleared.

Please feel free to share your own experiences in the comments section below.

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