Question(s) of the Week

Lady Eve

“Lady Eve,” copyright Roslyn McGrath

Who do you think Eve really was?

When I first painted this image, I didn’t understand its full identity. The title I originally received was Gaia’s Daughter.

It was only later, after the painting was up in my home, that I realized the green vine needed to be longer and more snakelike, and in the process of modifying it, I suddenly realized who it was of.

I think we have plenty of taboos around Eve, and the physicality of life, in our culture.

So here are a couple of Reflection Questions from Lady Eve’s section of Goddess Heart Rising:

  • Are there “taboos” in my life that do not serve me?
  • Am I willing to let them go and embrace a new perspective?

Please feel free to share your comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Question(s) of the Week

  1. This topic has been on my mind a lot during the past couple of years especially. It’s become clear to me that the more I work to release the inhibitions I have around healthy expressions of taboos regarding physicality, the greater my ability is to access my creative gifts, intuition, and healing abilities (and the more I tap those gifts, the more able to move past restrictive and unnecessary taboos is, too). I love that this discussion is taking place in our culture and am looking forward to engaging in more of it from a spiritual perspective!

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