Today’s Taboo-Busting

My previous post, the Question(s) of the Week, concerns taboos.

A personal taboo I’ve run up against of late is about telling other people what to do, i.e. “bossing them around.”

Yesterday I hurt my foot through a freak sort of accident.

Nothing was broken, but due to bruises, I can’t put weight on the foot, so I can barely get around.

Now I need assistance with many simple things. Fortunately my husband is willing and able to provide this.

And I must tell him what to do, what I need, over and over.

For now, thankfully, just for now.

And I’m thanking my angels, all my angels, from Earth on up, for helping me through this, and for helping me to receive a speedy healing in every way.

I am grateful for all those parts of me that are in good working order, and feeling increased compassion for all those who have to deal with asking for help, and on a longer-term basis.

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