Lakshmi Strikes, Again & Again!

Lakshmi, copyright Roslyn McGrath

Lakshmi, copyright Roslyn McGrath

Wow, has Lakshmi ever been with me this week!

I (freakishly) hurt my foot badly enough last week to need to stay off it as much as possible.

My celebration for Goddess Heart Heart RisingThe Third Mary and Solstice were a couple days after, followed by my birthday right afterward, then a weeklong trip.

And due to (im)mobility issues, I needed help with the simplest of things, and the aid of a walker to do the things only I could do for myself. (Yup, no matter how bad off, nobody can use the restroom for you!)

And every day since the injury, not only have I gotten the help required, I’ve received gifts of additional help, love, healing and more.

The evening of the unhappy event, I facilitated a LaHo-Chi circle as part of an introduction to this wondrous healing form – how perfect! The LaHo-Chi energy helped soften the initial blow, getting the healing off to a better start, and it was wonderful to get to share this energy with the attendees.

The following day, my husband helped me move downstairs into my healing room, so I wouldn’t have to negotiate our steep stairs, and began waiting on me hand and foot. And I began receiving much expert help from close friend Joy Regina Melchezidek with the emotional clearing and healing I was in the midst of.

The next day, dear friend Barb Dupras came and facilitated a wonderful Energy Medicine session for me.

The following day was Solstice, and our magical celebration, abundant beyond my expectations! This included a circle of birthday well-wishing energy for me after the official festivities were over, initiated by longtime friend Colleen O’Hara and contributed to by at least a half dozen other wonderful women.

The next day, another dear healer friend, Diana Oman, gifted me a great Body Talk/Healing Touch/Tibetan Weaver session and more for my birthday! This was followed by friend after friend stopping by to share their love and presents, as did other dear friends and family from a distance. Plus my husband made sure to make it an extra-special day.

L. NovakThe following day we began our trip, staying with our very talented, creative friends Carol Rose and Len Novak at their incredible home overlooking Lake C. roseSuperior in Grand Marais, where we were feasted royally and healthfully, laughed excessively, reveled in their culinary, acoustic and artistic creations, and basked in the beauty of the great Lake and our friendships.

I received healing salves from Carol, and my first of many expert Ace bandage wrappings from my husband the next day, making our drive down to Clarkston, MI much more comfortable for me.

I also got to borrow Carol’s computer there (I’d somehow unintentionally left my laptop at home) and discovered a photo of our adorable cockapoo sitting alongside the dog whose home he was staying at, in a Facebook post from friend and dogsitter extraordinaire Eeva Miller, plus a message from her reassuring me that he was doing very well with them. (Eeva also lent me the best gel pak in my healing repertoire, and has sent great healing energy to me too!)

old mill inn of clarkstonAnd we made it down to Lower Michigan in time to settle in at a wonderful, very affordably priced room at the Olde Mill Inn of Clarkston – small (ideal for my current needs), and very clean, with a woodsy aesthetic, firm mattress, and many thoughtful touches, including a frig and microwave. It even backs up to a small lake!

We got to the DTE Energy Music Theatre with time to spare. And the workers there were wonderful! Not only could we drive right up to entrance, but we were also able to park there and I got my first ever wheel chair ride! (MUCH appreciated, as it’s a long, uphill walk to the amphitheatre.) Everybody was so kind and helpful, and the band we’d come to see, Boston, was great! (They are on, of course, their “Heaven on Earth” tour!)

We had a fantastic breakfast the next day, right next door, at the L.A. Café & Java. And guess what the few other patrons there were talking about? Marquette, our hometown! Not only had the son of a woman sitting nearby just moved there, but our sweet waitress Denyse was interested in doing so as well!

Which brings us to the rest of yesterday, when we not only enjoyed time with my wonderful in-laws, and the hospitality of my dear sister-in-law at her lovely home, but were treated bycliff bell's dining rm more family members to a fabulous dinner and live music at Cliff Bell’s, a historic music haven in downtown Detroit! Plus we got to thoroughly enjoy the company and great sense of humor of my husband’s generous brother and sister-in-law.

And now I’m gifted time on my sister-in-law’s computer to respond to pressing emails and share this post, as I sit with my feet up in the most comfortable recliner ever.

Everywhere we go, people are helpful and kind regarding my injury. And while I do get frustrated at times by the challenges it presents, I’m also very aware that it has pushed me to quite literally sit back and receive, over and over again.

Thank you, Lakshmi, and all of your many minions for assisting me in so many ways! I can hardly wait to discover what wonders will be next!

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