Reflecting on the Question of the Week

Do I trust Mother Earth? 

When I think of her in a general way, I do. But when it comes to the particulars, I think sometimes I balk.

The fracture in my foot is about 3/4 of the way healed now, and the time will come to trust putting its weight down on the Earth, with more concern for the reliability, comfort, strength of the foot, I expect, than the Earth.

But still, I will need to trust becoming more fully involved again, putting both feet in the game, being more mobile, having and making more choices, rather than the relatively stripped-down, strategic version of what I can do with as few physical steps and strain as possible.

It will be a different life, a different way of moving upon the Earth than it’s been for the past month.

I trust Mother Earth to bring things into focus, balance and integrity with the wisdom of All-That-Is. Do I trust myself to be congruent with this?

But I’m a part of Earth, not separate from it, though our societal thinking can lead us to believe we are separate. And when I sit within myself, I am grounded, clear-thinking, calm, balanced.

I have had plenty of sitting time this past month. And plenty of time to reorient my typical patterns of doing, refine my priorities, check in deeply with what I truly wish to commit to, and what I truly need for my own well-being.

This is a time of reconfiguration. And I know this time-out is helping me personally to do just that, much as I haven’t enjoyed some of the particulars of the process.

And at the same time, I’ve received much kindness, support and learning in this process.

I trust Mother Earth to do what needs doing, despite the apparent hardship this can create in the process. I trust that this is leading to greater balance and wholeness for all. And I hope to continue to and improve upon honoring her in and through my life, as I move forward.

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