Modern Day Kuan Yin: Goddess of the Week

"Modern Day Kuan Yin," copyright Roslyn McGrath

“Modern Day Kuan Yin,” copyright Roslyn McGrath

Modern Day Kuan Yin is the first Goddess Painting I felt consciously guided to create, and my first on re-used wood. I’d been feeling somewhat stuck in my painting life. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to create, and I was uncomfortable investing in the relatively high price and low quality of the pre-made canvases available to me locally, (and even more uncomfortable with the quality level I’d produce if I made my own!) I had always admired the way paintings on wood had a certain glow, and I wanted to create this too. In discussing my stymied creativity with a local life coach, I realized my upcoming kitchen renovation would give me plenty of wooden kitchen cabinet doors, free of charge! And so it began.

Freed of any self-created pressure to produce something “good,” I had a dim awareness of an image come to me. This was a first, for I had always painted either something in front of me or in a “discover-it-as-you-go” way, without any specific end result in mind. And the image came with a clear, specific sense of an energy quite familiar to me—that of Kuan Yin.

Reprinted with permission from Goddess Heart Rising: Paintings, Poems & Meditations for Activating Your Divine Potential, copyright Roslyn McGrath, 2014.


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