Aphrodite, Goddess of the Week

What synchronicity! Each week, I center myself, close my eyes, and open to a page in Goddess Heart Rising to discover which will be the Goddess of the Week, and which excerpt to share. And of course, I open to Aphrodite today, as co-facilitator Joy Regina Melchezidek and I prepare to share “Aphrodite Answers – Your Soul’s Beauty Revealed” in six days!

Aphrodite is truly present with us and wanting to be known.

Below is the excerpt I opened to today, the last stanza of her meditation.

Aphrodite EmergesTake hold of the clam shell beneath you.
Listen to its call of the water.
Bask in the gift of physical life and connection.
Know you are a gorgeous part
of the radiance of All That Is,
as you float toward the shore,
curl your feet in the sand
and sally forth into the sun-warmed air,
light dancing on the drops
that cling to your newborn skin,
light dancing in your heart
that sings the glory of you and the Universe,
light dancing in the world
that celebrates your being,
as you embrace the earthly joys
of love and loving on Earth.

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