On Changes

Change is a-comin’, like it or not, that much is certain.

Several times I’ve perceived as a particular uninitiated change as negative only to discover later that it was actually a very helpful upgrade.

Still, there have of course been changes that I would have preferred to have gone another way, but that doesn’t mean they won’t eventually lead to positive experiences. And our personalities, (thank goodness!) just cannot control the Universe.

When I resist the changes, things only become more difficult. And I see this in the lives of others as well.

Like it or not, change is a-comin’; that much is certain.

Perhaps we can call upon Araena/Wind Woman to show us how to better ride along with it.

The Goddess can help us to be in better touch with the natural world and the cycles of things; to connect, cooperate and experience life in a more balanced manner.

In keeping with this, my “Goddess of the Week” post will be replaced by “Goddess for ( in this case) October’s Waxing Moon” and “Goddess for the month’s Waning Moon,” at the new and full moons respectively, also giving more time to contemplate and comment upon Her energies.

In the meantime, I wish you much grace and good harvest through all of your changes.

Roslyn Elena McGrath

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