Mo-Ray Angelica, Goddess for November’s Waning Moon

Mo-Ray Angelica, from KG

Mo-Ray Angelica, copyright Roslyn McGrath

Mo-Ray Angelica is the archangelic name for the Third Mary, mother of Mary Magdalene. In August of 2014, I began writing down the messages I began receiving from her, which culminated in The Third Mary: 55 Messages for Empowering Truth, Peace & Grace from the Mother of Mary Magdalene.

It was she who suggested I publish Goddess Heart Rising, which was currently in the works, at the same time as the other book. Not long after I finished writing down the 55th message, I began painting the portrait you see at the left, and opened to receive the meditation below, both of which became part of the final section of Goddess Heart Rising.

Meditation from Mo-Ray Angelica

Sink down into the ethers that surround you.
You breathe them in, you breathe them out.
Now do so consciously.

You are profoundly gifted by this transaction,
as you allow yourself to exchange
what no longer serves you
with that which does
in a harmonious, life-giving way.

Your expression travels far and wide.
Your inspiration does you justice,

as you observe this opportunity
for breathing in and breathing out

As you continue this exercise,
you may become aware of my presence more purely,
as I uphold the Truth within your personhood.

I am Mo-Ray Angelica,
and I am One with Eternity and who you are.
I have come to claim your expression of Divinity
more purely now, to allow you to experience it
more definitively, so that you may ease into
the New Times upon us more comfortably.

So please continue
to breathe in and breathe out,
knowing I am One with you,
and that we are expressing our Divine Origins
with each breath, each thought, each word,
each sound, each action,
indelibly and with True Knowing
of the World Beyond Worlds,
and that All is well.

We are experiencing ourselves
anew in each moment,

breathing in, breathing out,
with the Purity
that is our birthright.

And we are sharing the Light of our Truth
with All Creation,
as we breathe in and breathe out.

And all is well.

Reprinted with permission from Goddess Heart Rising: Paintings, Poems & Meditations for Activating Your Divine Potential, copyright 2014, Roslyn McGrath.

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