More on Mo-Ray Angelica

Mo-Ray Angelica, from KGAs I mentioned in my last post, Mo-Ray Angelica is the name Mary Magdalene’s mother gave me for her archangelic aspect. In the 55 messages I channeled from her,the names she uses to describe herself develop over time.

A turning point came when she referred to herself as the Third Mary (the other two being Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene). Big goosebumps came with a sense of beginning to know her on a whole other level. I realized this would become her more publicly recognizable name, and part of the title of the book these messages seemed destined to become.

I first encountered her energy when reading I Remember Union, a powerful retelling of the story of Mary Magdalene as an integral and equal partner in Jesus’s mission. Although mentioned only briefly there, she was quite a powerful presence for me.

And each of the three times I read this book, I would hear the message “And you were her mother.”

The emotions I felt were so strong, too strong for me to name, and too strong for me to want to connect any further.

But fourteen years later, I was led to do so. And it has been a very powerful and integrating experience for me that grounds my soul and continues to this day.

Since The Third Mary: 55 Messages for Empowering Truth, Peace & Grace from the Mother of Mary Magdalene was released last May, I have continued to dialogue with her, learn from her, and share her insights in both individual guidance and group channeling sessions.

And now she has shown me energetic work that she tells me is an updated version of something they used to do in her coven, work now entitled Original Connection Rememberance.

I’ve begun sharing this work with others, and will teach it for the first time on Dec. 22nd, 2014, during Bringing Your Truth to Light – An Evening with the Third Mary, Mother of Mary Magdalene.

The messages of the book share an initiating energy in and of themselves, weaving stories of past, present and future together with the visions, parables and practical advice for self-enlightenment from the Third Mary.

I so look forward to the continuing evolution of this energy, and its impact on the world.

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