Dreams & Visions for 2015

Cereidwen, copyright R. McGrath

Cereidwen, copyright R. McGrath

At this time of year, we often hear about and/or make our own New Year’s resolutions, and the probability of accomplishing them or not. But how about considering our dreams and visions for the new year instead?

One of Cereidwen’s self-reflection questions in Goddess Heart Rising asks us if we are paying attention to our dreams and visions. It seems to me that all too often “resolutions” come out of our mental activity, our comparisons and “shoulds,” rather than full connection with our hearts and souls.

Last night I had the gift of listening to Flo Aeveia Magdalena’s meditation, part of Soul Support Systems’ free Monday Manifesting Mastery conference call series, for calling upon our hearts and souls in combination with our Divine Blueprint and future in order to envision our opportunities for 2015.

Tomorrow I will have the joy of participating in a shamanic drumming journey and Maori medicine wheel drawing with dear friends for additional perspectives on the same purpose.

And this Sunday, January 4th, I will have the honor of facilitating Goddess Heart Rising for the New Yearan opportunity to embody your Inner Goddess through poetry, music, simple movement, guided meditation, mask creation, chanting, group story making an more in a supportive circle on the 1st full moon of the year!

It’s when we create our futures from as much of our vast selves as possible that the field is fertile with magic, helping us to create what truly suits us! And there is so much magic I am looking forward to for 2015!

May your holiday and year reflect the magic that you are, such that we may all revel in its benefits together!

A very happy New Year’s Eve and 2015 to you!

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