Pick a Goddess Resource for the New Year

Happy 2015 to everyone!

In the almost-blank canvas of this new year, I wonder what hopes, dreams, visions and heartfelt commitments you’ll be bringing to it, and what will best support you in actualizing them?

About half of the 30 Goddess paintings I’ve created so far are included in this first volume of Goddess Heart Rising, each with their particular strengths available for us to draw upon and honor in ourselves.

Which of these would be most helpful to you at this time in moving your desires forward? Which speaks most strongly to your soul right now?

  • Mystery, Openness & Adaptability (Her Masks)
  • Nurturance, Compassion & Everyday Miracles (Modern Day Kuan Yin)
  • Clearing, Cutting to the Chase & Core Truths (Kali’s Contemplation)
  • Sensuality, Earthly Love  Self-Love (Aphrodite Emerges)
  • Prosperity & Fertility (Lakshmi)
  • Dreams & Inner Visions (Cereidwen)
  • Perseverance & Regeneration (Persephone)
  • Preparation for Rebirth (Waiting for Isis)
  • Death & Rebirth (Isis)
  • Unconditional Love & Peace (Mary of the Miracles)
  • Individuality, Discernment & Primal Nature (Lady Eve)
  • Freedom, Fun & Joy  (Dance Muse)
  • Change (Araena/Wind Woman)
  • Wisdom & Evolution (Ngoshkwe/Star Woman)
  • Truth & Self-Empowerment (Mo-Ray Angelica)

Please share 1 – 3 in the comments section below, as I would be honored to share excerpts and ideas in this blog to support you in the upcoming months.

Namaste & many blessings,

Roslyn Elena McGrath

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