A human being is an incredible entity, with myriad aspects and potential access to many worlds and ways of being. Archetypal energy can help us tap into and activate vast reservoirs of our innate divine potential, increasing our ability to meet our personal and planetary challenges, experience and express our core wholeness, and expand our capacity to assist our planet’s evolution.

This is what inspires me to share opportunities for presencing the Goddess within/without through visionary art, guided meditation, 1:1 sessions, group workshops and my newly released book, Goddess Heart Rising.

I invite you to explore this website and share your feedback and own experiences.

In appreciation of your light,

Roslyn Elena McGrath

RM, 12-13 Roslyn Elena McGrath is the author of The Third Mary: 55 Messages for Empowering Truth, Peace & Grace from the Mother of Mary Magdalene; the author/illustrator of Creative Wisdom Cards for Personal Growth; and  the creator and narrator of A New Radiance: Chakra Blessings from the Divine Feminine meditation CD. She is an award-winning artist and experienced facilitator of self-actualization sessions, workshops and art. You can find out more at www.EmpoweringLightworks.com.      




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