LIVE – What the Divine Feminine Wants You To Know

You’re invited to join me for a LIVE broadcast hosted by Karen Tate on her show Voices of the Sacred Feminine to discuss What the Divine Feminine Wants You To Know, Wed., Aug. 13, 10 pm Eastern @ You can also participate directly by calling in at 718-766-4662.

Based upon my experiences of receiving messages from the mother of Mary Magdalene, as well as archetypal Goddess energies such as Aphrodite and Persephone, I’ll share my understanding of their viewpoints on vital topics for today’s world, such as:

  • Learning to love the physical as is, in order to know oneself and all as embodying the Divine
  • The necessity of sensuality and sexuality to wholeness/Holiness
  • The necessity of the symbolic world to integration/wholeness
  • The power of personal and cultural grief – honoring it and utilizing it to build anew
  • Ways to sustain oneself through difficult times
  • Secrets of key women in the dawn of Christianity and their relevance to today
  • Why the Bible misleads us and how we can correct this
  • The true mission of Jesus the Christ and Mary Magdalene
  • What is being asked of each of us personally to help to complete this mission

Hope you’ll join me for this enlightening, enlivening discussion!

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