Explore the feminine face of God and ways to more fully live your unique, Divine potential with Goddess Heart Rising: Paintings, Poems & Meditations for Activating Your Divine Potential.

Powerful, original and insightful art, poetry, meditations and reflection questions guide you to connect with the Goddess within/without, drawing upon your inner resources for greater adventurousness, compassion, self-love, peace, faith, vitality, abundance, fortitude, adaptability, inspiration, assertiveness, and wisdom.

This 6″ x 9″ book of 127 pages, with 30 full color illustrations presents 15 Goddess archetypes, with a painting, poem/message, personal commentary, meditation and reflection questions for each.

Professional artist, intuitive and healer Roslyn Elena McGrath’s 10-year process of bringing archetypal feminine energies into tangible form through paintings, workshops, poems, meditations and channeled readings supports your capacity to honor and express your Divine nature in daily life.

Goddess Heart Rising’s fresh, modern interpretations of timeless spiritual energies create a unique, multi-level journey that will inspire and support you to express your intrinsic strengths, beauty and positive possibilities for a more empowered and fulfilling life.

Goddess Heart Rising is WAY beyond anything I have EVER experienced in print! Every passage of every Goddess touches me so deeply. There’s nothing like it! – Len Novak, Drumweaver

Learning from each other’s inner spiritual journeys is the safest way to enlightenment. Roslyn McGrath’s artwork, writing and reflection exercises about the world goddesses will activate the deep levels of wisdom that are your birthright. – Joan Norton, author of The Mary Magdalene Within and (with Margaret Starbird) 14 Steps to Awaken the Divine Feminine, Women In the Circle of Mary Magdalene

I find Goddess Heart Rising, as well as The Third Mary, to be so incredibly transformational every time I open them!  I’ve been connecting with multiple goddess energies and am experiencing shifts daily. I want to very sincerely thank you for birthing these books into the world. I really believe they’re going to be a key part of the transformation and awakening of so many.  –  Jen Howell, Energetic Healer, Astrology Student & Musician

McGrath’s book is a way-shower. Through the paintings, poems, meditations, and a wide span of Goddess Archetypes, Goddess Heart Rising invokes readers to explore and integrate their own experiences in the realm of the Archetypal Feminine. It’s a journey into the richness of the Feminine, fascinating and joyful for both men and women. – Diane Sautter, PhD Professor, Northern Michigan University

Goddess Heart Rising is beautiful on many levels, including its words, images, and overall purpose. Any woman seeking to get more in touch with her emotions, talents, and purpose in life will enjoy working through this book and opening to the divine female within her. I suspect even the men willing to read such a book will benefit from it! – Tyler Tichelaar, PhD, Author of Arthur’s Legacy, Book One of the Children of Arthur, the Marquette Trilogy, and My Marquette.
 This is the spiritual food I’ve been hungering for!  – Maria Formolo, author of Wise Woman’s Mandala Medicine: A Guided Journey of Self-Discovery

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